What to do when Canceling Plans with Friends

With so much going on in our lives, we can't always stick to plans. Either we're so tired that we can't face another day of socializing or we just wanna sit down with a hot cup of coffee and read a book. No matter how much we try "not" to cancel plans, it just happens... Continue Reading →

7 Important Reminders You Need In Life

We live in the era of advanced technology where machines and devices have evolved and become smarter but we are left behind. We need "reminders" for basic things in our lives that we ideally shouldn't be needing as human beings. For example, some people need "drink water" or "meeting at 4" reminders (you know who... Continue Reading →

Diary No. 1

This blog post is a little different and also kinda special to me because it's really close to my heart. For me, the term 'vacation' does not come without 'injury'. For those of you who don't know, I have this insanely weird forte of tripping in every possible place. Yet absurdly, they're the highlights of... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Get Over Pain

This year has already been enough of a disaster to all of us. But are you having a terrible time of your own? It's okay! Hold up. Getting over a rough patch is definitely better said than done. At that moment, I know the torture seems unbearable and never-ending. Everything and everyone around you seems... Continue Reading →

What I learnt during Quarantine

Many of us are working/studying during quarantine, or lets say we're forced to. I, for a fact am not a person who can do a lot of productive stuff in my free time. But being locked at home for months I have learnt a couple of things. Well, not productive things per se but let's... Continue Reading →

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